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Fic update, July 2014:

My website is, possibly, no more -- the ISP isn't clear on that  -- but I'm slowly posting stories to Ao3.

I've also got some stories here on LJ, and some additional stories at Dreamwidth.

New Alphabet Soup!

Which is to say, Fig's hosting another collection of themed SG-1 fics.  This one's theme is "epistolary," and the main post is here.

My contribution, in which a 22nd century historian reviews the letters and journals of Dr. Daniel Jackson, is here.

Happy Soup, and Happy Leap Day!


And another Alphabet Soup...

Fig's compilation of SG-1 stories -- the theme is "friendship" -- is here

My contribution, a short Daniel-Oma story of friendship, the limits of ascension, and waffles, is called "Q is for Quintessential," and is posted here.  


And another update

I've (finally) started posting stories at Ao3.

Also, my website is still accessible, at least for the moment.

Website update

My ISP is no longer hosting personal websites, so my website's going down (if it hasn't disappeared already.)  I'll eventually post at least some of those stories to Ao3, but it'll take me a while.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks, as always, for reading!

For old times' sake...

The latest SG-1 Alphabet Soup  is here.

My contribution is here.


And another update

I posted a couple of new SG-1 stories here and here.  And the second one contains a handy link if you've got a pair of shoes that are a little too tight!


Brief Update

I'm not very active in fannish things these days, but I have a moment every now and then.  And so...there's a new SG-1 story  -- "A Cinderella Story" -- here.  


SG1 Alphabet Soup fic

 The theme for this go-round of SG1 Alphabet Soup is crossovers.  I wrote SG1/Leverage: "A is for Another Day at the Office."  (The link goes to DW.)  ETA: The entire anthology (26 crossovers, A to Z) is here.

ETA again:  Now, a few missing scenes (Parker and Daniel, and Daniel and Jack after the debriefing) here!


Fic times three

I woke up Christmas morning with visions of zombie Goa'uld dancing in my head.  (I know; it was  supposed to be sugar plums.) (Though...I've never seen a sugar plum.  For all I know, they look *exactly* like zombie Goa'uld.)  Luckily, my dream also included Daniel -- in a Halloween costume, for some reason -- who saved the day by texting Jack my address, and telling him to bring a zat.

I tell you this to show that I'm in the holiday spirit (and that I have *very* strange dreams), and so posted a sort-of seasonal SG-1 fic here at DW.

As it's a seasonal thing to do, I'm also cleaning up my hard drive.  In an effort to be tidy, or make a fresh start, or something, I posted some old stories I'm never going to finish to the "Unfinished Business" section of my website, in case anyone's interested.  One's a West Wing thing, the story of how Toby, Josh, and CJ launched Sam's Presidential campaign while Sam wasn't paying attention.  The other's  a House/WW crossover with House, Toby, and Sam.  I have a ton of old SG-1 fic that I need to do something with, too, but that can wait for another day.  Right now, I have to be on the lookout for zombie Goa'uld.

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